Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected a list of the frequently asked questions about our Financial Content and Tools; including Portfolio, Watchlist, Custom Filters and Email Alerts.

Why are the numerical values on the page blinking?

  • If “Data Update” box (top left) is enabled prices on your screen will update automatically.
  • Last Price and Change Values ($/%) blink Green and Red when prices increase and decrease
  • If you find these values distracting, un-click Data Update (page refresh is now required to provide updated prices)

What do you mean by Real-time data?

  • Data updates in Real-time throughout the trading day for all North American markets. These include: TSX, TSX Venture, CSE, NEO, NYSE, NASDAQ and Amex
  • TSX/S&P Indices are also in Real-time. US Indices are 15-minute delayed
  • There is a 10-minute delay for OTC-BB and OTC-Pinks, as well as Futures and Currency Pairings

Do I need to refresh my browser to see price changes?

  • If “Data Update” is enabled data will update automatically
  • If it is turned off, a page refresh is required

What is the naming convention for stock symbols in the new tools?

How do I find stocks from different exchanges?

  • TSX: appended with a "-T" (RY-T)
  • TSX Venture: appended with a "-X" (ADI-X)
  • CSE: appended with a "-CN" (ACG-CN)
  • NEO: appended with a "-NE" (CIE-NE)
  • NYSE: appended with a "-NE" (GE-N)
  • NASDAQ: appended with a "-Q" (AAPL-Q)
  • AMEX: appended with a "-A" (ZOE-A)
  • OTC-BB: appended with a "-Q2" (WIZD-Q2)

Will these tools work on a smartphone or tablet in addition to desktop?

  • Yes. The tools are designed to adapt to the size of your screen
  • It is possible to log into multiple devices with your Globe and Mail credentials and your data will synchronously display

What data points can I select to create Custom Filters in Portfolio and Watchlist?

  • There are 200+ points across 21 categories.
  • Categories include: General, Technicals, Pivot Points, Fundamentals, Growth, Per Share, Ratios, Moving Average, Average Volume, Stochastic (Raw, %K, %D), Average True Range, Relative Strength, Percent R, Historic Volatility, MACD Oscillator, ETFs, Price/Percent Change, Historical Highs and Lows
  • Selected data points will flow into Excel download
  • To view a full list of data points by category click here

What does the icon under the column "Globe" do?

  • This icon provides a link to Globe and Mail content created in the last 72-hours associated with the underlying security

What other Frequently Asked Question documentation is available?

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