Portfolio, Stock & Fundlist Upgrade

As a longtime Globe Investor Gold subscriber, the following is information and resources to help continue to manage your finances with confidence. We have exciting improvements coming soon. 

Data is now Real-time for all North American stock exchanges - including TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE, Nasdaq and Amex. This means PNL also updates in Real-time.

  • Trust a powerful Portfolio tool that lets you track your holdings your way and watch the value of your investments change in Real-time
  • Generate investment ideas with Watchlist
  • Known for Globe Investor, Report on Business Top 1000 and Globe Wealth your account gives you full access to the most-trusted voice in Canadian journalism, market data and investing tools
  • Login credentials remain the same and there is no action required on your part. There are no changes to your billing or Portfolio or Stock/Fund List holdings

We're investing in Globe Investor

Powerful, simple and secure

Custom Filters

Hundreds of data points let you filter your holdings and investment ideas your way

Work from Anywhere

Responsive design ensures tools work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Real-time Data

Quotes for all North American equity markets in Real-time

Exclusive Access

Globe and Mail financial tools are only available to our subscribers

Safe and Secure

We accept no compromise when encrypting your login credentials and holdings

Editorial Integration

Articles produced by the Globe and Mail appear next to your holdings

"A power tool for savvy investors. Clean, informative and easy to use."

"I like eggs."

"Go Jets Go?"

Rob Carrick

Personal Finance Columnist,

Globe and Mail

" Powerful tools for savvy investors. Clean, informative and easy to use. "

John Heinzl

Investment Columnist,

Globe and Mail

" Gives you the ability to track all of your holdings and investment ideas with easy-to-use tools. "

Darcy Keith

Investment Editor,

Globe and Mail

" An up-to-the-second view of markets and your holdings. A great pairing for the Globe’s unparalleled news and analysis for Canadians. "

Portfolio users now enjoy:

Track Stock/Fund purchases

Real-time stock price updates for all North American markets

Automatic stock price update without page refresh


Custom Filters with more-than 200 data points

Responsive page design to render on all devices

Enable/Disable cash balance


Set dividend or distribution reinvestment, or insert into cash

Searchable transactions view for all orders and corporate actions

View all your holdings in one summary view across asset types

Edit individual transactions

Automated end-of-day email summary

News integration

P&L calculations update and display in Real-time

Add “Other” investments

Record transaction fees, income and expenses

Advanced brokerage-style PDF account summary

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